Factors to Consider When Selecting a Wall Décor

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Different people have different motivations as to why they need to invest in a wall décor. It could be that you want a piece of art to represent a special day in your life like your birthday, or a place you want to visit like the space. Perhaps you want to represent your hero like the astronauts or just feel the need of breaking the monotony of your wall. Having a large bare wall should not be taken as a challenge but rather an opportunity. Take the advantage and create something that is just spectacular at the sight of anyone. The following factors are perfect for anyone struggling to choose the right wall décor.


    Did you know that color is the first thing that catches your eye when selecting astronaut wall decor? This is often because one is always in quest for something that complements the entire space. A wall décor can serve as a focal point in an interior space as well as provide a basis for color palette. It’s advisable to choose bright colored wall décor if you have dark colored walls and vice versa.


      Bigger is usually better when it comes to wall décor. People make a common mistake of choosing wall decors that are to small that risk of feeling out of place. There’s a general set rule of placing a décor on the wall above the sofa. It says that the art should be approximately 2/3 of the sofa’s width or even larger. This rule can be broken when it comes to small spaces where several pieces can be displayed as one unit. Size determines proportion and scale which are crucial considerations.

      Don’t be afraid to mix and match

        When buying your astronaut wall décor, you do not have to be afraid mixing it up with other forms, styles and textures to bring out your personality. Contrast keeps the whole idea exciting; you do not want your space looking monotonous with identical pieces. You can always mix this resin astronaut décor with paintings or wooden pieces. This can help you achieve a robust and compelling collection.

        Astronaut lamp can also be a great choice to complement your astronaut wall décor. You generally have to pick décor pieces that make your heart sing. Determining what draws you to a particular piece can be the start point.