House Tour :: A Quintessential Mountain Home Full Of Cozy Interior Inspiration

in Alia Bhatt’s Mumbai apartment is a vibrant and cozy home.

With fall officially upon us (and a rainy day here in Seattle to prove it), I thought I'd share a space that I return to time and again whenever I'm in need of cozy interior inspiration. A beautiful mountain home in the Catskills that feels more like an inviting B&B. The type of place you'd absolutely hole up in with your favorite people, plenty of whisky, and a stockpile of firewood.

Oh, and you should definitely bring a friend who plays the piano for some entertainment.

Designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co (have I mentioned I adore everything they do?), this estate offers every type of space from expansive living rooms for groups, to tiny nooks to hideaway in. But my favorite 'feature' is how the design captures time and history with its use of antiques mixed with custom pieces to honor the heritage of this home. It's a signature move by this design duo, and one I adore.

They applied historical wallpaper, reupholstered old furniture, and brought as much character as they kept to the home.

The kitchen was the one space that was totally reimagined, connecting what was once a poorly done addition back to the vibe of the main house with new era-appropriate cabinetry and timeworn touches like the oversized utility sink.

One of my favorite tucked-away surprises is a cozy library area just around the corner from the eat-in kitchen nook.

The amount of rooms is dizzying, even online! It's hard to keep track of where they all lead to, how they all flow together. I'd love to see this home in person and explore every nook and cranny. For example: this hidden little lounge area where I'd like to imagine the bar lives ... but not quite sure? Regardless, this is my kind of cozy spot to sip and read in.

But wait! We haven't even gotten to the bedrooms yet!! Don't make me pick a favorite, because it's impossible. If I lived here, I have a feeling I'd rotate through them, depending on my mood, or perhaps the season.

The main bedroom features a custom made bed frame, and eclectic little seating area, and I love that it's not overly filled or fussy. The bath might be the perfect example of how a little bit of a modern goes a long way with a large shower, and double sinks.

The next bedroom offers up a cozy cocoon of vintage wallpaper and layered pattern. It's a little bit grandma in the best possible way.

I'm not even going to talk you through the rest of these bedrooms, but let you peruse on your own. I do love how there are common threads through them all...

This last one might be my favorite, if only for the cabin vibes it's giving off, but the bedrooms with the plaster walls are also so light and gorgeous! Does one stand out to you? I can tell you that the one thing this is making me want more of in my home is some gingham layered with vintage rugs and velvet. You too?