We at decorfur are trying to help newhome owners or anybody who doesnt have the time or is super confused with the styling of their house .Genrally people tend to negate the styling of the space as they keep it for the end and then there is no motivation left to complete the process . Do not worry for we are here to take on that responsibility and save you from the confusion of what will go with your interiors .


Hire us on the initial stage from renovating your house to doing up the interiors ,as what is good time home without accessories ?

The two variants we offer under the R&R program are as follows:

The two day Re-styling program
Re-styling a designated space (up to 1000 sq. ft.) using existing décor in addition to add ons from Decorfur.

How does it work?
Day 1: Preliminary site visit and consultation
Day2 : On – site changes, styling and additions by the design team

Consultation Charges: Rs.5,000/- (up to 1000 sq ft.)*

The two week Re-design program
Re- creating a designated space (up to 1000 sq. ft.) using existing décor in addition to accents from Decorfur, also enhancing aesthetics through changes in soft furnishings, upholstery and wall finishes.
Consultation Charges: Rs.15,000/-

In addition to these programs we also offer complete interior design services and customized furniture.The design fee for which would be quoted post consultation by our design team as per the scope of work.

Contact US

Email: Support@decor-fur.com
Whatsapp now : +9650098689 

Terms and conditions

  1. The Restyle consultation charges are applicable on spaces up to 1000 sq ft. For Re-styling and Re-creating additional square footage, extra charges would be applicable.

  2. The Restyle programs are applicable only for the mentioned time period, if further consultation is requested for an additional fee would be applicable.

  3. The Restyle program consultation fee cannot be adjusted against/or considered an advance payment on any products purchased from Decorfur.

  4. Requests for changes/returns must be placed within 12hrs of Re-styling.

  5. Any product damaged/broken or lost in between Re-styling and return would be considered sold.

  6. The R&R programs and interior design services do not include any civil or electrical work.

  7. Design fee for customised furniture would be additional.